Starving for Jesus

Goodly Christians are reaching out to starving Muslim refugees in towns like Ramadi Inn, or whatever it’s called. They’ve run away from Allah’s minions (AKA ISIS), and are now homeless in the desert. Their homelessness only compounds their already serious aroma problem.

Despite worshipping a deity who forbids the use of soap in the one part of the world that needs it the most, nice Christians are donating much needed Bible MP3’s to help out. Why audio-Bibles instead of instead of food, water, shelter or medicine? Because they can’t read. Praise Jesus!


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10 Responses to Starving for Jesus

  1. Nick Craig says:

    I hope this new post means u guys are working on new stuff as well!! I listen to the hordes pretty well every day. Keep up that good shit!!!

  2. That’s some sad shit

  3. I really hope this post is true, the Gospel is reaching Muslims or any unbeliever is great news, but we Christians should convey the Gospel without using graven image (that picture is a message in itself)

    • You hope this is true? Sadly, sir, it is. These people are starving and dying of exposure in the desert and the wise Christians decided to spend tens of thousands of dollars on telling them about Jesus instead of feeding and sheltering them. That way, when their prayers fail and they die, it will be their fault instead of God’s. Praise Jesus!

  4. You will burn in hell forever! How dare you call these terrorists Allah’s minions? Atheist pig! God has nothing to do with these extremists. But you’re an illiterate ignorant bastard who doesn’t know anything other than basic animalistic needs.

  5. I totally misunderstood (deleted)

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