(Seven Signs) Satan Stole Christmas

Satan stole Christmas and these seven signs are proof!  Consider the following:

  1. December 25th is the date of the re-birth of the sun in Mithraism (the 2600 year old religion in which a virgin gave birth to the son of god who was crucified and resurrected to save the believers).
  2. St. Nicholas, Thor and Odin all sneak into homes to deliver gifts in exchange for proper worship.
  3. Odin would land on rooftops to deliver his gifts while riding an 8-legged horse named “Sleipneer” which sounded like a team of reindeer on the roof.
  4. A Christmas tree comes from the December Saturnalia festival in worship of the Roman God Saturn.
  5. Kissing beneath a mistletoe comes from Druid tradition (filthy, filthy Druids).
  6. Yule is a Scandinavian god of fertility, and is the source of Yule-tidings.
  7. Even innocent looking winter wreaths and holly decorations are a pagan/wiccan tradition.

This Christmas, just lock yourself in a closet and pray for it to all go away.  And for Christ’s sake, don’t sing any Christmas Carols or you may summon the spirits of the damned right into your own living room!


Satan stole Christmas




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46 Responses to (Seven Signs) Satan Stole Christmas

  1. Jessy Wolf says:

    Haven Knighton, there hailing daddy

  2. Why wouldn’t they hail our daddy, he’s the best. :)

  3. my stupidity meter is going off the charts

  4. Hail Satan, celebrate Christmas

  5. Diane Chavis & Tisa Oxendine What In The World ???

  6. Sammy Reynoso If you stop reading this your gonna die. My name is Teresa Fidalogo if you don’t post this on 20 photos I will sleep with you forever. This girl ignored it and 29 days later her mom died. I am real, you can search me up on Google

  7. Lachlan Beil says:

    Nick Scott Jack Baird Sam Whiddon Will Ralston

  8. hahah this is freaking funny. It even says killing for Christ what is this a terrorist web page.

  9. Jacob Samuell Miller John Chalklen

  10. Zak Train says:

    Wait does that mean Santa is Thor??

  11. Pretty sure they switched around the letters from “Santa” to “Satan” but ok

    • That’s really far reached. And if it has been “stolen” using this evidence, then Christmas has always been Satan’s holiday.
      And why does it matter anyway, the Christians think that this was the day Jesus was born.
      I don’t think we really need more insane Christians running around telling us to save ourselves like in the Middle Ages.

  12. Alexandre Allard-Charette

  13. All the dumb bitches that was like all hail daddy to this post you stupid as fuck you are ok santa was a made up name by fucking mythology the reason no one knows if u can spell it out then u can brush it off like no big deal then more people know Santa than Jesus Christ which is really terrible they are trying to get rid of Jesus on his birthday what is wrong with u why u all that worship Satan ok I’m not going to say nothing but don’t talk even look at me a wrong way I will throw holy water on y’all u need to read the bible study it u niggas are just wow how they give facts and u want to deny it wow y’all need Jesus u do and why I’m on the subject will y’all not comment stupid stuff on everything Haven Knighton fuckin stupidity Jessy Wolf fuckin stupidity u wish to serve time in hell where u would probably love by the way where u just burning all day listen to the message embrace god and Jesus Christ throw shame on the devil he’s a snake

  14. And everyone who worship the enemy never post on this ever u are not welcomed only Christians only you make ur self’s out to be a bad guy not me

  15. “A Virgin gave birth to god”

  16. Peter Shingz says:

    Dont believe in god r satan so dont really care lol

  17. Allan Giboi says:

    There’s as much sense in this post as Al Gore’s statement on ManBearPig

  18. Chris Miron says:

    It’s spelled “Sleipnir” :p

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