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Death threats are the norm and being berated for their lyrics is expected.  Members of Killing For Christ predicted the project would not be easy (or safe) and decided early on to remain anonymous. “So far, so good”, says the band’s vocalist, known by his pseudonym Rev. Dr. Bill Gram or The Rev for short. “We seem to be reaching the audience we wanted while pissing off the ones we wanted to piss off”, says The Rev.”

Their debut album The Hordes was released for free under a Creative Commons (CC BY-SA) License. “We have been fortunate enough in our other endeavors to be able to self-produce this album”, says The Rev “and we’re passionate about the subject, so we decided to give the whole damned thing away for free.”

Making this album anonymous and non-profit meant forgoing the high-dollar production house to make their first music video, however Witch’s Toll doesn’t appear to have suffered at all. Their follow up single “I Am That I Am”, custom written for their slightly insane friends at Landover Baptist Church, also came with a low dollar, high impact music video. The music videos and the songs are all free to download from the band’s official website. at

As for the ongoing threats and hate mail from upset religious people, “we just put that energy back into our work”, says The Rev. “It’s all just inspiration for even more pissed off hymns!”

Press Contact: Rev. Dr. Bill Gram — killingforchrist[at]jesuschristindustries[dot]org



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