Praise Jesus and Pass the Lighter Fluid!

The American Family Association and Chick-fil-A are winning! Money donated by large US Christian entities to African countries like Uganda are going to good use promoting Christian Family values like legally executing gays in the streets. These nice Christians love the sinner but hate the sin as they force feed kerosene to the homos, beat them, sodomize them with sticks, glue their rectums shut, dowse them in gasoline and light them on fire in public streets so that all the children can see what happens when you are an abomination in the eyes of the Lord.

This demonstration of God’s love is prescribed by the Bible and is for their own good, according to the local church elders and law-makers. “The only way into heaven is through the BLOOD of Jesus, not through his anus”, says American Christian Family Association minister Umbuktu Olamide McTavish. “Love and family values are central to God’s tough-love approach in Africa”, which McTavish says is funded by large donations from American Christians. Praise Jesus and pass the lighter fluid! (void where prohibited)

#ChickFilA #FamilyValues


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