Pass the Plate!

Good is great.  God is good.  Let us thank Him for our food.  What happens when you don’t thank him for your food?  He’s reminds you of your manners.  God loves His children and will kill them when he is displeased (Hosea 9:11-16).  When you displease God, you are killing His children.  Why do you want to kill God’s children?  

Don’t think you can fix it now.  Too late, sinner.  To help remind you not to interfere with God’s plan for starving babies, your donations to God’s chosen charities will be used to pay top dollar to their staff while Bibles and ammunition are sent to Central Africa instead of food.  Feed The Children’s CEO made $800,000 on his way out the door last year.  Children’s Charity Fund funded several hundred thousand fun dollars to each of their top execs while Christian policy makers The Heritage Foundation paid their president $1,172,321.00 for a year’s worth of helping those in need.  Praise God!

The next time they pass the plate for your love offering, dig deep because God’s chosen leaders are a little pricey and He’s running a little short this month.  And don’t worry; we’ll make sure none of that cash will go to those who have displeased God!



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