Mom Kills Son for Christ

A nice Christian mother killed her 10 year old son for Jesus, ensuring his passage into the Kingdom of God.  It appears Mrs. Blansett waited until her son used foul language to commit young Caleb into the Lord’s arms with a butcher knife as he slept.  When Caleb used a bad word, Mrs. Blansett could be assured she was following the Bible’s direct instructions when she put her son to death (Leviticus 20:9), thereby ensuring entry into heaven for both of them.  Of course the boy was not a cripple, which made him a perfect candidate for the Kingdom of God (Leviticus 21:16-23).

Mom Kills Son For Christ

Mom Kills Son for Christ

In this horrific world where Muslims kill so many in accordance with their fictional “holy” text, it sure is refreshing when a nice Christian follows the Holy Bible and kills someone for the merciful Glory of God.  Unfortunately, this nice Christian mother faces possible jail time, because doing as God commands is a crime in the U.S. these days.  When will this country’s war on Christianity come to an end?

If you’re thinking of killing your kids for Christ, we wrote a nice little hymn about how to be a good parent called “Fuck the Children”.  It’s the first song on our album “The Hordes”, which we are giving away for free (for now).  Jesus loves metal, and so you must too (or face the consequences).  Download the entire album (for free, of course) at

Praise Jesus!


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  1. You people are delirious!

  2. What the hell did I just read. This is terrible. This is the reason I dislike christianity because there’s crazy people like this out there. This world is all going to hell if people do that.

  3. Ethan Bond says:

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that she wasn’t a real Christian. That’s not what we do. We love, not murder. Please don’t get a twisted view of Christianity from this crazy lady. It’s just not representing Christ the way He should be.

  4. Ethan Bond says:

    And the whole sacrifice part is just stupid. Jesus came to end the bloodshed in payment for our sins. This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen from a “Christian” website/fb post

    • FALSE! Jesus said, “Do not think I have come to abolish any of the old laws” -Matthew 5:17. He also said, “It is easier for Heaven and Earth to pass away than for one letter of the old laws to ever become invalid” -Luke 16:17.

    • Parker Hord says:

      still says nothing about killing your children for cursing… it talks about loving your children

    • “Anyone who curses their father or mother is to be put to death. Because they have cursed their father or mother, their blood will be on their own head” – Leviticus 20:9

    • Ethan Bond says:

      What about forgiveness pf sin? Jesus came not to destroy the Roman empire but to give it a second chance, like he gave me. Christ came because we need help, and this website is in great need, along with the rest of the world

    • Wow some people can be ridiculously deluded. Your applying logic from almost 2000 years ago. If your god does exist do you think the supposed “all knowing” and “All mighty” would treat his greatest gift, the gift of life as if it was insignificant. I’m an atheist and I know the one thing religion try’s to creat is the illusion of significance. And as an idea of cursing being punishable by death, your god supposedly gave you free will. Although if the slightest deviation from his plan warrants execution there is no free will. You are one of the lowest form of parasite on this earth. Religion should create equality and peace, yet you preach war and hate. If any one truly deserves eternal damnation it’s you.

    • Gabe Newell says:

      I’m a christian and this disgusts me too bro just don’t judge us by the extremists were not all like that

  5. Fucking hell Bradd Arnold

  6. Kaleb Knap says:

    Christians are fucked in the head

  7. Kaleb Knap says:

    Matter of fact so is religion

  8. Isaac Slako says:

    Kaytlin Marie Jones the fuck

  9. Vinod Bal you can’t help but chuckle at this

  10. her son may be in heaven but she’s certainly in hell!

  11. Jack Kelly says:

    I just took a stroke after reading this…

  12. Paddy Mullins Jakee Walkerr this is why I hate everything XD

  13. This is beyond obsecene! You should never do this, that woman is a terrible mother and I hope she faces life imprisonment! This makes me sick!

  14. I can’t tell if this a legit page or not

  15. That’s overboard tbh

  16. Ethan Bond says:

    And why would you hashtag legit Christian organizations!!! This is probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen!

  17. Daniel Penu says:

    This is why people are against Christianity

  18. Lachlan Beil says:

    Nick Scott Sam Whiddon Lachie Hill

  19. This worlds going to hell because of people like this.

  20. Phsycho killers, rapist, perverts… A bullet is Easier and cheaper than jail

  21. Joe D'ancona says:

    Tom Dineen this kid looked like you before you got pubes

  22. Ben Gambold Josh Saunders Pickett-McDevitt Callum Kilshawe Fall thought this was funny

  23. Anthony Mackman read and have fun lol

  24. Anthony Mackman read and have fun lol

  25. Jack Rimmer says:

    Horrible fucking cow, go ROT you cunt

  26. What in the flying fuck did I just read that right

  27. Luke Bellamy says:

    Anyone who believes in the bible should be put to death for their stupidity. There is no God, and I don’t understand how anyone could think that their is some cunt in the sky who rules the fucking world. Dumbest cunts out. Jacob Williams

  28. Man this is messed up I have lost hope in humanity

  29. Knew this page was rubbish, that comment on Isaac Slako’s post

    • The linked article is quite real, sir. A devoted christian woman killed her child for jesus, following the bible’s instructions. You call it rubbish; she calls it killing for christ.

    • People who commit acts like that on the evidence of a book that for all intents and purposes is fictional, should be condemned

    • Christianity is bullshit, some magical fairy mother fucker made earth and some Jesus kid did all these fake ass miracles. If you want a good fairy tale I recommend the bible.

      Rot in fucking hell if you believe in that shit, no one should ever be killed except you piece of shit retards who obviously missed out on some good fairy tales as kids.

      There is a fine line between religion and a cult, and holy fucking shit have you crossed that line.


    • May I suggest you research into Eric the God Eating Penguin

  30. Absolutely ridiculous; this lady is nuts.

  31. Jacob Walker says:

    Stun fucking livre esti ecrit par du monde qui son mort ya 2000 ans pis qui a ete modifier par des motter pour controller le peuple par la peur.

  32. Allan Giboi says:

    If she killed her kid in the name of God, I don’t think it was God she was listening to…

  33. Joe Anderson says:

    W.e happened to thou shall not kill ?

    • Mark My says:

      It was lost with the whole thou shall love thy neighbor and thou shall not commit adultry. People use the bible more as a shield rather than an instruction Manuel. #atheistanyways

    • Joe Anderson says:

      So b.c we broke 1 lets jus say forget it lets jus go break em all. Y not try n be better ? Ths like sayin i live n sin. Welp lets jus go sin some more. Cnt get worse. Thats a horrible way of thinking. I assualted someone. Mite as well go rob steal kill rape. Smh

    • The commandment is actually “Thou shalt not murder”. Fluffy bunny salesmen for modern Christians changed it to make it sound more polite. Killing when following the instructions in the Bible is perfectly justified in Christianity. For example, God commands believers to kill homosexuals, witches, fortune tellers, children who disobey their parents, and all people who worship another god… and that’s just the beginning of the list. What a wonderful religion!

    • Mark My says:

      Too many religions are in effect they then clash heads and boom… No world peace

    • Joe Anderson says:

      Y r u n somethin about Christianity but ur an atheist?

  34. Josh Mallari says:

    Why did Facebook suggested this for me

  35. Why cant people just be normal and see that God isn’t real?

  36. Not all books have truths written them.

  37. tghis is why im no longer a christan there all psycho

  38. Shahil Ram look at this.

  39. A true Christian would never do something so sick. Never.

  40. Ayy Rif says:

    Her stupid ass is stupid

  41. James Denton says:

    Nice troll, if this isn’t a troll, then I’m truly worried about people stupid enough to still follow a religion

  42. Wtf , your a out of it cunt posting this story up , what a big load of fucking bullshit , oops I used bad words , don’t butcher knife me please , faggot ass homo

  43. Trey Metcalf says:

    God also says follow the laws of your land. So. killing is Murder in any form if another human being is found dead by your hands by any means. Butcher knife to gun.

  44. Religion is 1 tenth of insanity

  45. Religion is a form of mental illness..

  46. WTF now I can’t sleep because
    what if someone like he kills me

  47. Talon Street says:

    Could’ve swore that a deadly sin was thou shalt not Wye Christian faith is stupid

    • It’s actually “Thou shalt not murder without cause”, but the modern fluffy-bunny salesmen changed the wording a little to make it sound more friendly. Killing for God is not “murder” in God’s eyes. God commands the deaths of all children who disobey their parents or who curse them. He also commands the deaths of slaves who disobey their masters, women who disobey men, witches, homosexuals, and everyone who worships a different religion. Oh, and also the children of those who worship a different religion. He is so merciful!

    • Talon Street says:

      That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard for the last 18 year’s how do you believe in some all powerful dick who wants to control all life and have them worship him. Religion is a distraction there’s no way he’s so merciful if he is most likely sending 99% of the people who have ever lived to hell. Where’s your God when children are born starving. Poor homeless Ohhh wait he must be being a selfish piece of shit. Where is he when he takes children away from families to go to war for countries who don’t even care for them Ohhh wait still being a selfish shit bag

  48. Elle Mitchell this is truly fucked!!!

  49. Why would swearing be a sin and taking away someone else’s life would not be

    • It’s a Christian’s job to follow the Bible, not question it.

    • You question everything—-it is only natural… that is how God supposedly designed us… !! If you didn’t question it you would probably be fucked like you are now… the bible is full of flaws and it all contradicts everything so you cannot really question it- gods wants us to have the freedom to question it and mould it around our lives, not a set, of restricted laws — like an instruction for a recipe… he wants you to have your own freedom and think about things… regardless of how you react and follow it, he will love you if you have faith

    • as he says, we all sin and don’t exactly follow the ‘instructions’ as you claim- but he will love us. ….. by the way, this isn’t my faith, but regardless, I’m giving it a christian perspective to TEACH you the true faith of a true christian !!1

    • People like you with this cause wars, and this religion shit (no disrespect to religious people) but the ideas of extremist is what will destroy our world— well, it makes me sick!!!

  50. i swear all the time fuck quit

  51. Ben Carr says:

    What on earth, u stereo type Muslims and frown on all of them for being extremists (even though it’s only a small percentage who are) and then u ne one yourself l. You and this woman( unless and god please say it is a troll) r both full blown psychopaths

  52. And guess what Leviticus is in the old testament or the Part that the Jews follow, Jesus died to end that chapter and to start a new chapter where no longer follow the old Jewish rules

  53. it says in the bible, “thou shall not kill” then God is telling someone to kill another person?? It defeats the purpose of even having that verse “thou shall not kill” in the bible. Flynn Richards

  54. Why don’t we all just kill everybody and see what the happens then

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