Jesus has been Deleted!

According to historians, Jesus has been deleted from most or all of the old historical records of His time!  Who would work so hard to oppress Christians in this way?  The only ones with that kind of power today are Satan and Obama, and I’ve never personally seen them both in the same room!

Modern Christianity is based (in part) on Jesus existing.  We know he must have existed because Christianity exists, and there’s never been a religion based on a fictional character who never existed.  Right?  Plus hundreds of Christian historians who reference only each other in their studies can’t be wrong!  So who has deleted Jesus from all of the detailed records of His time?  Maybe it’s the same person who deleted Bethlehem and Nazareth from being actual places at the time Jesus would have born.  It doesn’t matter if there are no legitimate historical records of Jesus ever existing.  The only evidence a Christian needs is faith.  Praise Jesus!  #ChickFilA

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