God’s Plan

Christians who get screwed over by God’s plan should rejoice, for they are part of God’s plan.  Let’s say, for example, a racist cuntknuckle walks into an historic black church and murders nine innocent people.  Hypothetically, of course.  The victimized church and other Christians should rejoice in the knowledge that it was all part of God’s plan.  They should celebrate and shout “Glory to God for murdering my sister and my dad!”  “Thank you, Lord, for bringing death, destruction and agony within Your plan!”  “Praise Jesus, this will be totally worth it when I die some day!”

If they were to cry and be upset, that would be denying the wisdom and glory of God’s wonderful plan.  God doesn’t like it when you deny His plan.  He might strike down upon you with great wrath and furious vengeance for questioning His wisdom.  So, just to be safe, don’t be upset when tragedy strikes.  That would just be disrespectful.


God's Plan

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  1. Lol…you guys are crazy!

  2. This shits funny!!!!…hahaha

  3. Ridiculous and completely taken out of context. Make mockery of religion and God will punish you.

  4. MiLo Frisbie says:

    Whoever wrote this has no idea of God’s Will. God gave us all free will and for God to intervene and take away someone’s free will for the sake of another is not going to happen. Death of a person to God, is no different than if it were a play and the actors have left the stage. Our souls are eternal, there is no death. God gave us free will, how we determine to use it is up to ourselves. Quit blaming God for the horrors of this Earth, it’s our free will that’s fucking things up. “Thou shalt not kill” does not have an a sub clause that reads “except in certain cases like war, or someone breaking into your house. Remember what Jesus said, “if someone take your cloak, give him your shirt as well”. He didn’t tell you to blow the thief’s ass away; possession of ones goods is never worth another’s life.
    As. Christian, I am a pacifist and would rather die that take the life of another.

    • You said: “As a Christian, I am a pacifist…” Those two things are not really compatible. How can you claim to support Biblical instructions, yet disobey the Bible by being a pacifist? You also say you “would rather die than take the life of another”. We’ll pray that God grants your wish. Hallelujah!

    • MiLo Frisbie says:

      Killing for Christ, you have obviously never read the Bible or only out of context. I pray that you are only ignorant and not totally stupid. Now do yourself a favor and and get down on your knees, and ask God/Christ to truly reveal Himself to you.
      It’s not my wish to die but I would for my God. You, sir, are despicable to wish death upon another. You are a fucking asshole. I’m not swearing, just pointing out a fact. Oh, and before you go off about how unChristian I am for swearing, I did not use the Lord’s name in vane and Jesus called the money lenders names when he kicked them out of the temple, so fuck off.

    • Sadly, we have read the Bible. In fact, our band is comprised entirely of ordained ministers and even a Dr. of Theology. Our lyrics come directly from the violent pages of God’s Holy Scriptures. I’m sorry you don’t approve of God’s message. Maybe one day you’ll see the light. The red, wet, dripping light.

    • MiLo Frisbie says:

      “Get behind me, Satan”

  5. Brad Squires says:

    God almighty, creator of the Universe, is personally concerned with ME!! How very special and important I must be!! Damn.. where is the sarcasm key..

  6. Sorry I cant kill for Christ for god said they shall not kill it is not our place to pass judgment whether someone else gets to live or die we are blessed everyday we wake because god gave us another chance another day despite of our sins and what we have done its not our choice to take that from another to have a chance to be with god

  7. It scares me how many people are saying AMEN to this.

  8. It’s scary to think these fools actually think this is serious…lmfao!!!

  9. Why are we even talking to this ignorant fool who is disrespecting Jesus by portraying him as violent with a machine gun like Rambo. This is mockery of religion and should not be entertained, but ignored completely.

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