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You can have the latest album free by downloading it from the free links below.  But if you want to support us in bringing you more albums in the future, please buy an album or T-shirt.

Remember, when you buy our music or merch, you are guaranteed express entry into heaven with no long waiting lines and no hassles at the gates. Additionally, you’ll get admission to God’s personal VIP room for hot after hours action with heaven’s sexiest barely legal whores. They died so you can live it up! Praise God!


Here are links to buy the album:


And here are the free links for the cheap bastards who will probably be sodomized to death when the rapture comes:

Download the 2017 Album “The Hordes”


Download the 2015 Single “I Am That I Am”


Killing for Christ decided to release “The Hordes” album and the single “I Am That I Am” under a Creative Commons Attribution – Share Alike License.  This means you are free to download and share the album and songs.  All we ask is if you use anything from The Hordes album or from the single “I Am That I Am” for a project of yours, try to remember to mention us.

Of course, you are still free to purchase the album or buy a T-shirt .  Our T-Shirts are designed with Auto-Forgiveness Technology™ allowing you to sin in unlimited fashion without any annoying afterlife repercussions! Sin all you want! We’ve got you covered!



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