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Family Beats God’s Love Into Gay Son

Praise God!  This nice Christian family blesses their child with God’s love when he comes out as gay.  After he reveals his lispy “secret”, his hidden phone records his family telling him to move out and be homeless or choose … Continue reading

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Put to Death

God is so good at killing people, we wrote a glorious hymn about it! . . Not like it’s a competition or anything, but Satan sucks at killing people.  The Bible tallies his kills at just 10 people.  God’s confirmed … Continue reading

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Adam and His Life Partner

Adam and Eve were never married.  They lived in filthy, disgusting sin their whole lives.  Their hot, hot sins led to children (unless God was sampling the goods before he came into Mary).  Eve’s children then fornicated with each other (or … Continue reading

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Aggressively Affectionate

God’s love is mandatory (Philippians 2:10).  Love Him or be put to death (Jude 1:5).  You are required to accept Him as the one who saves you from what He will do to you.  And what he will do to you if you … Continue reading

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God’s Disaster Plan

God’s plan for the world includes disaster, pain, suffering, murder, torture, rape, pillaging, loss, sorrow, and slow agonizing death.  We should never question God or disobey Him (Matthew 12:20). Everything that happens is exactly as He planned it (Ecclesiastes 3:1-11).   So, when a … Continue reading

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