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Georgia to Allow Family Bible Beatings

Georgia will soon pass a law that allows a man to beat his wife and children exactly as the Bible commands.  Finally! State-endorsed beatings for Jesus!  Brothers, this is what we’ve been working so hard to accomplish…  putting the Bible … Continue reading

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Boy Persecuted for Following Faith

“Thou shalt suffer not a witch to live.” – Exodus 22:17    It’s a simple instruction.  As plain as it gets.  Yet, following that simple rule given directly by God Himself might result in jail time for any Christian who is caught. … Continue reading

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Jesus has been Deleted!

According to historians, Jesus has been deleted from most or all of the old historical records of His time!  Who would work so hard to oppress Christians in this way?  The only ones with that kind of power today are Satan and Obama, and I’ve … Continue reading

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Child Rapist Only Faces 2 Years

A teenage rapist only faces 2 years in prison for raping a statue of Jesus.  The statue was on His knees praying to Himself when a 14 year old thought he would pretend to force his gay agenda down Jesus’ throat … Continue reading

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Hitler was Catholic

Adolf Hitler was Catholic.  He enjoyed a Catholic baptism, a confirmation and probably a little Catholic style boy rape.  He attended monastery school, never left the Catholic church and was never excommunicated during his reign.  Hitler mandated the Pope’s Catholic lessons in German … Continue reading

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