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Aggressively Affectionate

God’s love is mandatory (Philippians 2:10).  Love Him or be put to death (Jude 1:5).  You are required to accept Him as the one who saves you from what He will do to you.  And what he will do to you if you … Continue reading

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God’s Healthcare Plan

        God says if we really believe in Him, we will pick up deadly snakes, drink poison, and heal sick people just by touching them (Mark 16:18).  Obviously, then, when someone falls ill, they have lost their faith. … Continue reading

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Official Notification

God has commanded you to follow the better judgment of your Christian leaders (Deuteronomy 17:12).   Our nation’s conservatives are obviously God’s chosen leaders, as they publicly rebuke sinners like gays and muslims, whom should be slaughtered like cattle (Romans 1:24-32). (void where prohibited) … Continue reading

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But He Loves Me, I Swear!

God loves you. He’s told you over and over in His book. Why don’t you listen? Without Him, you are nothing (John 15:5). You are worthless. If you can’t accept Jesus as your sole purpose for existence, then you should be … Continue reading

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Jesus is real! Hallelujah! Want proof? It’s written down in a book that lots of people claim to have read although most haven’t really. That’s OK, though. A little lie here and there is probably OK when we’re talking about … Continue reading

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