Boy Persecuted for Following Faith

“Thou shalt suffer not a witch to live.” – Exodus 22:17    It’s a simple instruction.  As plain as it gets.  Yet, following that simple rule given directly by God Himself might result in jail time for any Christian who is caught.  That’s what happened to a young Christian boy named Isaiah Marin.  He expressed God’s love and followed God’s plan as commanded in the Christian Bible when he beheaded a local witch, but may now face jail time for his beliefs.  Why should good Christians be forced to live in fear in God’s chosen country and be persecuted for following faith?

Executing witches is a normal part of God’s plan for mankind as outlined in the Bible.  So many modern anti-Christians and wannabe-Christians pretend God is all about life for everyone, but the Bible says differently.  When this young boy beheaded his brother’s friend for being curious about Wicca, he followed his deeply held religious beliefs and the explicit written instructions of God.  For his crime of Christianity, he may now face jail time in direct violation of his God-given 1st amendment rights!  Thanks, Obama.


Innocent Christian jailed for following Bible.

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144 Responses to Boy Persecuted for Following Faith

  1. Yeah you lost your marbles dumbaaa.

  2. i wish i had a courage like him and genocide those muslim antichrist send em to hell, imma kill them for Christ.

  3. Logan Gore says:

    Are you people serious?

  4. That it may be following gods word n that so does that mean the four horsemen are real….. No!!! Has anyone met the devil…. No!!! Is it murder… Duh!!! Should he go jail… Damn fucking right he should

  5. Louis Jerome says:

    Zack Bambage… America, wow

    • Zack Bambage says:

      The day before a guy beheaded his mum in the middle f the street then jumped in front of a train – he was mentally ill, which kind of reduces the blame but what I find funny is how he was found with a pistol on his persons….. America.

  6. Uh, if you behead someone, you bloody face jail time. What he did is murder, and it is wrong! The Bible isn’t right about everything, and the ‘witch’ probably did nothing wrong, so if anyone is stupid enough to support this kid for murder, you are the ones who are messed up and deserve to go to hell.

    • “the witch probably did nothing wrong”… The Bible says just being a witch is enough to be executed. Christians do not consider executions to be murders.

    • As I said before, the bible is not right about everything. Just being something different should not be enough to be killed. And saying “Christians do not consider executions to be murders” is wrong because I know many Christians who would gladly say you know no where near as much as you think you do.

      I usually look to religion sometimes when i’m depresses, upset, and i’m really lost on what to do, but after seeing the post you just put, I think I wont do that anymore, because I just think that some things some Christians belive is wrong, and completely illogical.

    • You know many “Christians” who disagree with the words written in the Bible? I think that excludes them from the kingdom of Heaven. They can call themselves Christians, but until they obey God’s commands, they are condemned to roast over a giant smokey BBQ pit like the rest of the heathens. All this Jesus talk is making me hungry. Praise Jesus!

  7. Your a dumb fuck. Your god thinks so as well. YOU CUNT!

  8. Jamie Peters says:

    Timmy Wiggam Jonny Warke don’t think he’s doing the Christianity thing right what do you think?

  9. Chase Gray says:

    Okay first off this guy wasn’t even doing any sort of witchcraft second this guy was nice and probably not even bothering this so called christian boy this guy is a mentally ill asshole who deserves what he’s being given i hope he rots in a jail cell for the rest of his life

  10. Yaaaa so I’m hoping this was a troll post

  11. Mat Trask do you think these people are… Uh… Legit

  12. HoLee Fuk says:

    “Thou shall not kill.”

    Apparently, this kid isn’t going to get raptured into heaven by God. Most Christians/Catholics shove their beliefs down others throats to choke on it.

    Let other people live how they want to. You don’t make their lifestyle.

    • Your quote obviously does not apply to all of the people God commands believers to execute such as homosexuals, witches, fortune tellers, adulterers, kids who curse their parents, kids who hit their parents, fornicators, non-believers, and anyone who believes in a different religion. If “Thou shalt not kill” applied to all those people, then the Bible would contradict itself and we all know that’s just not possible! Praise Jesus!

    • The Bible is not to be taken literally at all times. People have to remember that. This…. organisation of yours is not Christianity at all. It’s of the devil.

    • FALSE! 2 Peter 20:21 states that the scripture is NOT for personal interpretation. You are to read it as it is without adding your interpretation to it. 2 Timothy 3:16 also tells us to read ALL of it, don’t pick and choose. Poor Samuel Joseph,. It seems your parents haven’t yet read Zechariah 13:3 which condemns you to die by your parents’ hands for bearing false witness in the name of the Lord (void where prohibited). Praise Jesus!

  13. Atleast his eyebrows are on fleek

  14. I wonder how he did it ? Did he like kidnap her or something

  15. Chris Smith says:

    Claiming you’re doing God’s work is blasphemy. Good luck trolling out of that one.

  16. Bob Huskins says:

    Christian fail…again

  17. Wtaf is this, knock’s me sick…

  18. Zion Gille says:

    There’s no such thing as a witch idiot

    • If there’s no such thing as a witch, then why does the Bible say to kill them? Checkmate, atheist!

    • Zion Gille says:

      You’re really basing your beliefs on a book written thousands of years ago. You’re more than a little crazy if you actually think they’re real. And there is no excuse for murder. Ever.

    • Zion Gille says:

      And just because something says to kill something else does not mean that the something is real or that you could kill it. For example I could tell you to go kill a fairy. But you can’t. Because they don’t exist

    • God doesn’t think executing someone is murder, especially when He commanded the execution. Christians all over the world really do believe the Bible is the direct word of God and no one calls them crazy, just religious. We have to tolerate and respect people’s religious beliefs, right? Being religious makes it all OK, Mr. Gille. It makes it all OK. Praise Jesus and pass the chainsaw! Mama needs a new tooth-necklace!

    • Zion Gille says:

      I respect your beliefs up until someone takes it too far. Religion does not make it ok to kill anyone. You can believe what you like, but people who don’t believe the same as you shouldn’t have to suffer because they don’t. And a lot of your beliefs are hypocritical. In the same book it tells you to love and respect others, then It tells you to go and kill them.

    • Love and killing obviously go hand in hand in the Bible. Why do you insist on oppressing us just for our beliefs?! Our holy text commands us to legally execute those who don’t believe. God loves everyone and sometimes He has to condemn those He loves to die. It makes Him sad, but He does it because He loves us. Praise Jesus!

  19. Please tell me this is a joke

  20. Is there really a good reason for killing a human being. Is this really saying that it’s okay to kill another person because “the Bible says you should.” And no the Bible does not say that any killing is just no matter the victum. If you believe that the Bible is saying to kill someone, read it again find meaning in God’s words and hope the best for every human alive for that was God’s work not ours.

    • I read it again. It still says the same thing. In dozens of passages God explicitly instructs followers to execute people for displeasing him. It is not in any way metaphorical. If you disagree with me, the Bible says you should be put to death as well (Deuteronomy 17:12 says to kill those who do not listen to ministers). Praise Jesus and pass the rope! (void where prohibited)

    • Your voice is your God given right, but there is a reason why people receive the exact same punishment for their crimes no matter their faith. It is morally wrong to kill anyone no matter the reasons.

    • According to the Bible, executing non-believers is a Christian’s God-given right (void where prohibited).

    • Chris Mckeen says:

      You’re a fucking idiot, trolling or not.

    • Your ad hominem strategy only reinforces my position. You can do better than that, sir.

    • Let me ask a question at what point would it be okay to kill another human being and at what point would it be considered murder? I am pretty sure they are the exact same thing.

    • Killing is not murder when when legally sanctioned as an execution. In some countries, like Uganda for example, executing gays and witches because they are condemned by the Christian Bible is perfectly legal and sanctioned. It is not considered murder at all. In fact, American Christians (like Christian hero Scott Lively) are the ones who flew all the way to Uganda, befriended the local government and financed this wonderful legalization of God’s will! Praise American Christianity! All hail Jesus!

  21. God didnt write the bible.. Some crazy fuckers from all different periods of time kept adding what they thought was god telling them what to write when really now we call that schizophrenia..

  22. The bible is full of shit just like this cunt, dont build a religion off a book, build it off facts. That means proven truth by the way, and nothing in the bible is proven

  23. You people are seriously stupid. He’s a murderer. It’s not some religious bullshit. You kill someone, you go to jail. Wanna know why he’s not being specially treated cause he’s religious? Cause he’s a murderer and anyone who follows this religion where murder is okay, is extremely stupid.

  24. Nathan Mew says:

    if this guy followed the bible correctly he’d know that God died on the cross for our sins so we don’t have to do things like this, it’s the reason we no longer follow the commandments, because with Jesus blood washing away our sins we don’t need to be perfect humans, and we certainly don’t need to kill other’s for their beliefs.

    • Nathan, Jesus Himself said that ALL of the old laws will still apply to mankind even though He has visited us and not even one letter of the old laws shall change until the end of Heaven and Earth (Matthew 5:17-19 & Luke 16:17). Where does the Bible contradict Jesus’ words? Praise God and pass the ammunition!

  25. I’ve found literally every interpretation of the bible for exodus 22:17 ( and it doesn’t say anything about witches. On top of this if any country is gods promise land it’s Israel not the United States of ‘Murcia(no offence I love you guys but USA is not the promise land). So go take you shity extremist views and join ISIS cause as far as I am concerned you are exactly the same

  26. slavery is also allowed by the bible. so shut up. the kids a murderer.

  27. that bible verse isn’t right…. using KJV

    If her father utterly refuse to give her unto him, he shall pay money according to the dowry of virgins. (Exodus 22:17 KJV)

  28. Ravi Sahye says:

    Following a fucking book deserve your time in jail still murder at the end of the day

  29. why the fuck is this a suggested post

  30. thats fucking stupid you cant just go round killing people ffs i dont care thats his belief he deserves what he gets

  31. This is no different than Muslims killing non-believers. The Jesus I love wouldn’t want me to take a life out of hate or bigotry. It is the duty of God to judge the choices of man, not man to judge man.

  32. Man this is fucking retarded, stop qouting a god damn book, have you seen god? Have you met jesus? Have you got any proof except for the bible?

  33. Bhargav Ankit this cant be serious.

  34. Jesus also said do unto others as you would have done unto you

  35. Alex Crotty says:

    i hope this page is fake

  36. Alex Crotty says:

    because fuck religion

  37. I don’t even know if this is meant to be a joke, but frankly its hilarious

  38. thats not what i meant by ‘do unto others’. this is no different than muslims killing jews or christians. we need to show them the way through kindness and understanding -the way Jesus taught his disciples- not through violence, hate, and bigotry

  39. Hahahaha is this a fucking joke

  40. Did he really just say it was against his 1st amendment for going to jail for killing someone…….Ok I’m gonna pretend I didnt see this post cause this is the main reason why the world hates Christians

  41. Sounds more like a fucking
    psycho more than anything

  42. Chris Miron says:

    This is why I’m Nordic Pagan. Hail Odin hail Thor.

  43. Thomas Perry says:

    There are no such thing as witches. You crazy Christian douchebags.

  44. Alp Ates says:

    Ganesh Sivamani fuck man we should cancel sunday night


  46. Jarppi Tepes says:

    God isn’t real nor satan I’m a satanist and most religious people are blinded and brain washed by the “word of God” when you are your own god you feed your brain what you want wether it’s satanism or other religion you can be your own religion as long as you don’t let anyone brain wash you with the words of God or the words of satan but most of you will never understand a satanist mind because you guys are ignorant and too stupid to even listen to one of us when it comes to religion and wisdom satanism isn’t about praising satan it’s about respect and praising yourself

  47. Lachlan Beil says:

    Sam Whiddon Nick Scott

  48. Jake Mason says:

    If anyone should be beheaded its the feckin Christians

  49. Austin Friot says:

    It’s misguided people like this who give the religion a bad name. I’m truly sorry to hear of yet another psychotic cult based off of a very respectable religion.

    • In what way is this “cult” different from your “respectable religion”? This cult’s only Holy text is the Christian Bible (KJV 1611 of course).

    • Austin Friot says:

      My respectable religion is Christianity. My religion does not suggest the interpretation of the bible to be suggesting killing of another. It in fact tells us the opposite. “You shall not murder.” It does not get any plainer. Thank you for admitting to yourself and all that you are a cult.

    • Silly Austin, you equated your own religion with a psychotic cult when you were unable to describe a difference between the two. You claim to “interpret” the bible differently than Christians who follow the Bible’s instructions to kill. 2 Peter 20-21 says that scripture is not open to interpretation. Instead of trying to interpret the bible to mean what you want it to mean, why not just follow the Bible’s instructions as they are written (like a good Christian)? Praise Jesus!

  50. James Chen says:

    The bible has been translated so many times, who knows if that shit is even true…, the bible is basically old school Wikipedia lol

  51. Zac Gouveia says:

    Brandon Gouveia this post has to be a joke lol

  52. If the guy believes in killing witches then that’s fine, leave him too it.. but he deserves jail time definitely

  53. Chris Paz says:

    he deserves to be locked up for his ignorant and delusional beliefs

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