Boy Persecuted for Following Faith

“Thou shalt suffer not a witch to live.” – Exodus 22:17    It’s a simple instruction.  As plain as it gets.  Yet, following that simple rule given directly by God Himself might result in jail time for any Christian who is caught.  That’s what happened to a young Christian boy named Isaiah Marin.  He expressed God’s love and followed God’s plan as commanded in the Christian Bible when he beheaded a local witch, but may now face jail time for his beliefs.  Why should good Christians be forced to live in fear in God’s chosen country and be persecuted for following faith?

Executing witches is a normal part of God’s plan for mankind as outlined in the Bible.  So many modern anti-Christians and wannabe-Christians pretend God is all about life for everyone, but the Bible says differently.  When this young boy beheaded his brother’s friend for being curious about Wicca, he followed his deeply held religious beliefs and the explicit written instructions of God.  For his crime of Christianity, he may now face jail time in direct violation of his God-given 1st amendment rights!  Thanks, Obama.


Innocent Christian jailed for following Bible.

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